Here's our story. And we're sticking to it.
Labayk™ products are developed and manufactured by a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience in personal care and cosmetics formulation, design and manufacturing. We have successfully met the personal care needs of a diverse and international customer base. Our company has researched, formulated and manufactured products for numerous fortune 500 global cosmetics companies including: S.C. Johnson, J.R.Watkins, Calvin Klein and others.
The Labayk Story
Labayk is safe for BabiesI was born into the beauty and cosmetics industry. For the last 30 years, my father has been running his own hair and skin care manufacturing plant where he formulated and manufactured soaps, shampoos and deodorants for some of the biggest mainstream brands out there like SC Johnson and JR Watkins. I have been in and out of that factory since I was five, at first observing, and later helping put together products in the lab, learning about assembly lines and discovering the ins and outs of personal care products.

A few years ago when my husband and I learned we were expecting our first child, the first thing I did was make sure anything I put on or in my body would be safe for the baby, especially knowing that our skin absorbs 60% of what we put on it. Through much research and discussion with the lab staff at the factory, I was really shocked to learn how toxic, cancer causing ingredients find their way into many of the mainstream brands we use on a daily basis. I was determined not to allow those products harm my baby, so I spent the following months with the lab staff, formulating my own set of shampoos, soaps and lotions I felt comfortable using during my pregnancy. I vetted every single ingredient to make sure it was 100% and all natural plant-based and safe to use. The products formulated were not only effective, but worked better on my hair and skin than the products I was used to buying.

My friends started to find out about my little experiment, and requested a few bottles. Repeat orders started coming in. One thing led to another, and after several years, The Labayk Botanical Daily use line was born.

Now, the Labayk business is booming and our products have a growing loyal customer base both in the United States and abroad. We offer a line of products that both men and women can use on their hair and skin for daily use. We have an amazing line of products in development now and look forward to serving you with the safest, most effective natural products at affordable prices.

The entire Labayk family thanks you for your trust in our business and our products. We take that trust seriously and want you to know that any product we sell to you is the exact same product we use on ourselves and our children. As a family-run business, we want to build long-lasting relationship with our customers based on shared understanding that what we put on our bodies impacts what happens inside our bodies, both physically and spiritually.

Sincerely, Amina Ahmad. Founder of Labayk Products

Why the name Labayk
Labayk is an eastern term that has been used for centuries to symbolize a joining together of the body and spirit with nature. We adopted this name because it reflects our efforts to design our products that acheive harmony between our bodies and nature.

More about Labayk Products

Our Philosophy
So much of the cosmetics market today is driven by catch phrases like "natural" and "organic". These terms have served as a marketing tool to capture an audience and convince them that their products are better or safer to use. Despite the claims, hidden within their products are chemicals that can harmful or ingredients that are toxic, including alcohol and animal ingredients from animals more often than not treated unethically.

Recently, Congress introduced the Safe Cosmetics Act to help better inform consumers of these practice so we can make healthier and better choices for ourselves and our families.

We set out to research and formulate products that transcend the current market status quo. We care for our employees, we care for our environment, we work in safe and clean facilities that are conscious of environmental impacts and are constantly making efforts to improve all aspects of our manufacturing practices. Our company is certified by the International Standard of Organization, ISO, the leading quality control certifications in cosmetics manufacturing today.

Our company has manufactured, formulated and researched products for some of the most reputable companies today and for many fortune 500 global cosmetics companies, names you would recognize at your local pharmacy or grocery store shelf. Many of these companies have been our clients for years, and as a private label manufacturer for decades, we have become quite aware of the standards to which the current cosmetics industry answers.

Unfortunately, those standards are low with poor government regulation and unchecked claims made on the internet. Our in-house research lab is more than familiar with what goes in to these products and how they are marketed. Knowing that we would not use such products with our own families, we set out to develop our own.

What we aspire to bring to you are products that exceed industry standards and are ethically manufactured from start to finish. We refuse to participate in the standard marketing gimmicks and techniques, recognizing that we are answerable and accountable for all that we promise and all that we provide. We are constantly researching new techniques, new methods, new products and are excited to bring to you a new line of products in the coming months.

The Labayk Company