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The Labayk Pilgrimage Story

         A few years ago our family was blessed with an opportunity to attend the Hajj. We knew that according to Islamic law it was not permissible, or halal, to use regular scented soaps and shampoos during the pilgrimage. As we made our preparations, we discovered how difficult it was to find personal care products that are allowed for use during Hajj. In the frantic days before departing, we searched various stores for natural, fragrance-free products that did not contain animal ingredients, synthetic chemicals or any other elements that are impermissible or could potentially disrupt the purity of our spiritual journey. We soon realized that what we were looking for did not exist. Whatever we did find that seemed technically halal, did not undertake any review process by experts to ensure compliance with the rules of Hajj. What we ended up with was a hodge-podge of brands in various sizes not conducive to travel. Upon our return, we decided to develop our own products, praying that whatever our bodies come in contact with during hajj only serve to further purify us both physically and spiritually.

Labayk Hajj Scholarship Program

         Scholarship details are coming soon!

Ethically Manufactured    Halal    Cruelty Free and Vegan